"Know thy self, know the enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
Sun Tzu


Can I use an attorney to collect my judgment?

You can, if you are willing to pay a large retainer, which is usually based on the attorney's hourly fee of $200 to $400 per hour. After all, this is how they make their money by charging their client by the hour. Most attorneys do not have expertise in the enforcement and collection of a court judgment and in fact, many will refer their clients to a Judgment Recovery Firm.

How about using a Collection Agency?

Collection agencies process debts in bulk, and are usually hired to collect someone else's debt. They send out letters and call debtors in an effort to get the debtor to pay the debt. We are a debt purchaser. We purchase judgments and debt from individuals or companies that are owed money, and then enforce the debt as the legal owner.

What is an "Assignee of Record"?

An "Assignee of Record" is a person or business in which certain rights have been provided to them by the Plaintiff or Judgment Creditor which is usually outlined in detail in a document presented to the court. Simply, we take ownership of the judgment.

Do I have to pay for the expenses incurred in enforcing my judgment?

Should you elect to accept our purchase offer, we will possess full rights and ownership which means we pay all expenses incurred in the collection process. We may even petition the court to have this amount added to the judgment, so the debtor is ultimately forced to pay these expenses before a Satisfaction of Judgment is filed with the court.

What type of judgments and debt do you buy?

Our office purchases civil court judgments and other distressed debt portfolios. We offer a no-cost / no-obligation assessment to determine if the judgment meets certain requirements to qualify for a purchase option.

I thought it was against the law not to pay a court ordered judgment, shouldn't the debtor be in jail?

No, it is not against the law not to pay your bills. We do not have a "Debtor's Prison". With over 80% of the judgments entered in this country remaining uncollected, we would not have enough room to imprison such people if we had too. After all, if your debtor were jailed, finding a bank account or place of employment would not be too promising. Our job after all, is to collect the judgment!

I'm ready, now what?

If an offer has already been made to you, review the cover letter and follow the appropriate instructions. If no offer has been made to you, you can click this link to submit your judgment now. A copy of your court judgment must be submitted to us along with a brief case summary prior to starting any investigation. Our investigation team will perform a no-cost/no-obligation preliminary asset investigation on your debtor. This investigation usually takes 24 to 48 hours to complete. After which time, we will contact you personally to discuss the possibility of collection on your case.



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